About The Company

Making water disappear faster than it comes rushing down

With modernistic, functional and minimalistic designs, CAMRY GOLD offers an innovative alternative to standard enclosed shower trays which have become a must -have in contemporary bathroom design. They particularly appeal to those with an eager passion for inimitable design and fashion trends, having the potential to convert cramped bathrooms into accessible, luxurious and spacious ones which allow users to shower in safety, comfort and style.

The brand represents an innovative and sophisticated method of designing and building space -efficient areas in all types of buildings, from domestic properties and hotels through to leisure facilities and hospitals. Equally critical, is the fact that we provide a simple means of adhering to current legislation to ensure ease of access to all members of the community. Using the latest developments in drainage technology and installation methods, it is easier to convert, refurbish or construct new showering and bathing areas than ever before. As a leading name. CAMRY GOLD recognises and endeavours to improve the lives of today's customers. while offering a wide range of bathroom products for a variety of applications.

Experience nirvana with CAMRY GOLD drainage systems.

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